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Staying on top of social media trends, I have grown Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts with deft, daily, attention-getting posts and directed several Facebook Live episodes. While the Facebook Live platform was initially designed to broadcast anything via smartphone, I improved the presentation by using studio setups, miked sound and customized intro rolls. My Facebook Live work covered everything from explaining how a surfboard is made and how a surfboard works to in-studio product reviews and celebrity surfer interviews.

Facebook Live Episodes

690-bryan dickerson and tim bonython
Interview with film maker Tim Bonython
690- bryan dickerson wetsuit review
In studio winter wetsuit reviews
690-bryan dickerson and Paige Alms
Skype interview with Big Wave World Champ Paige Alms
boardshort facebook live
In studio summer boardshort reviews

Additional Facebook Live Episodes: Surfboard Test with Christiaan Bradley / Superbrand Surfboard Challenge / Chat with Leonardo Fioravanti / More 

Social Media Management

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

facebook sv with logo
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